Defendants Fighting Website Accessibility Cases Face An Uphill Battle In 2018 | ADA Title III

A judge's hammer

“2018 has been a bad year for most businesses that have chosen to fight website accessibility cases filed under Title III of the ADA. Plaintiffs filing in federal court secured their second judgment on the merits in a website accessibility lawsuit, bringing the federal court judgment score to 2-0 in their favor. Additionally, in twenty-one …

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We Build Stores With Disabilities In Mind. Why Not Websites?

A photo of a button for people in wheelchairs to open a door

“The internet has long been known as the great equalizer, democratizing access to information for the masses. But a glaring oversight has lately drawn the attention of advocates and shoppers alike: the lack of websites and online stores accessible to people with disabilities. While the designs of brick-and-mortar stores increasingly accommodate people with mobility concerns, …

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