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New Skills & Courses I’ve taken – 1

Hi, all.

I’m a life-long learner. I’ve always liked trying to learn new skills or gain knowledge. I find this is even more important now that I’m not a spring chicken anymore – I really want to keep up! Here are some recent courses I’ve taken, some tiny and others extensive. I hope to keep adding to this:

I learned web design and development at Fleming College. By far the steepest learning curve was JavaScript. I was intrigued by that and by the UX design fundamentals we were taught.  Learning about web accessibility was a highlight.

my certificate from Fleming College in web design

Before I came back to Canada, I was pretty stressed-out about reintegrating into the labour force, so I took some time to take some courses on GoSkills.  I took courses in Finance, PHP, MS Word, and MS Outlook.

I also knew I needed to know Excel well, so I took an accredited class through Ontario Learn at Niagara College. I started it in Korea and then finished it up in Canada. So convenient! Yeah, Internet.  Here is the badge I earned:

So much more to come.   Keep learning no matter your age!

Thank you to Emily Morter for the stunning photo:

Emily Morter

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